When querying a database in SQLite I've found it helpful to provide alias towards the tables I'm dealing with. It may also help resolve naming conflicts.

SELECT a._id, a.name, b.email FROM people AS a, emails AS b

However when I search for the posts "_id", "title", and "email" during my cursor, I recieve a mistake the posts can't be found. It only works basically alter the query to:

SELECT a._id AS "_id", a.name AS "name", b.email AS "email" FROM people AS a, emails AS b

It is possible to method of getting the bottom column title with no work?

Proclaiming an alias to some column is an easy method to prevent errors. The 2 tables the your querying may have a similar column names and it can be hard to distinguish them without aliases. The only method to differentiate them is as simple as associating all of them with their table names or providing them with aliases.

Aliases could make queries simpler to both write and also to read. You are able to provide a table or perhaps a column another title while on an alias. This is often a positive thing to complete for those who have very lengthy or complex table names or column names

From what I have read, this seems to become a SQLite specific problem.

SQLite doesn't (presently) make any promises about column names on
queries that omit the AS clause. If you utilize an AS clause, then your
column title is certain to function as the label right of AS. Should you
omit the AS clause, then your column names might vary from one release of SQLite to another.


I would suggest only while using table title alias on posts which have conflict. For example, within the example above, if _id may be the only column with conflict do:

SELECT a._id AS _id, name, email FROM people AS a, emails