Possess a nintendo wii. I'm utilizing a SQLite database file during my C# application. Right now it's not password protected. But it will likely be just in case it's needed like a solution for my question.

Real question is is there's a means I'm able to check may be the SQLite file in connect with my application is indeed a SQLite file or otherwise. I'm carrying out a,

File.Is available (filepath)

check right now which works fine. But it's entirely possible that someone can produce a file with my file extension so how do i verify that it's a valid Sqlite file ????

Thanks ahead of time !

You can look into the first 16 bytes within the file:

The well-known 16-byte sequence that starts every SQLite database file is:

0x53 0x51 0x4c 0x69 0x74 0x65 0x20 0x66 0x6f 0x72 0x6d 0x61 0x74 0x20 0x33 0x00

(from http://www.sqlite.org/fileformat.html)

That's, presuming the password protection does not mess individuals bytes up too.