Do you know the programs for use on your use that requires a little database like SQLite? I'm considering trying a couple of popular databases and SQLite is definitely the first I'm likely to try since i have know barely nothing about database except some simple programming years back.

I found that SQLite will work for personal use. But embarrassingly I don't use whatever application except maybe controlling my listing of telephone numbers/contact details, that has most likely a couple of hundred products. What's your experience?

FYI, I personally use EndNote for my reference and softcopy of books, and that i feel iTunes' music/media management is alright since I'm not a frequent user anyway. Yet others? I actually do plenty of coding, however i only use some simple etags tools for your. And That I virtually use .txt file (sometimes within the asciidoc style) for my notes. I've quite a lot of notes, although not that lots of either.

So, really, what exactly are your individual programs that require a little database rather than existing tools and plain text files?

For just about any small database (think... sub 100MB) SQLite could be a valid choice. Because technology-not only with little overhead it's not hard to use within development.

For tools I personally use (and modify whenever I miss an element) which use SQLite:

  • Couchpotato
  • Sickbeard
  • SabNZBD

Essentially... something that stores a listing of something will be a valid candidate.

You will find many programs which use sqlite... Try reading through the web site, it features a connect to "famous customers",

I am unsure concerning the concentrate on the term "personal use". SQLite may be used to develop profession programs. However, it does not provide lots of support for any multi-user atmosphere.

Apart from that, SQLite can be used as about any kind of desktop application. I authored an MFC application for any client that monitored purchases in a service station. It required all of the purchases in from another system, also it provided numerous reviews.

My Clips application ( needs a rewrite and I am returning and forth on whether I would like the update to make use of SQListe.

The only kind of application that must store data which i wouldn't recommend to make use of SQLite is definitely an application that must operate on a server, like a website programs.

Obviously, when the data the application must store is really trivial that it's super easy to simply load or dump everything to some file, then you definitely really do not require a database whatsoever.