I've a credit card applicatoin that utilizes a SQLite database and everything works the actual way it should. I am now along the way of adding new benefits that need another SQLite database, but I am getting a difficult time determining how you can join tables in the different databases.

If a person can assist me with that one, I'd really be thankful!

Edit: See this question to have an example situation you are able to adjust to a foreign language whenever you attach databases as pointed out within the recognized answer.

Though I haven't attempted this myself it appears as if you can attach another database file to the present connection while using ATTACH keyword.

attach database database1.db as db1;
attach database database2.db as db2;

Then you definitely should have the ability to perform the following.

  db1.SomeTable a
    inner join 
  db2.SomeTable b on b.SomeColumn = a.SomeColumn;

Well, I do not cash knowledge about SQLite you need to access both databases in one query.

You could have something similar to :

select name from DB1.table1 as a join DB2.table2 as b where a.age = b.age;

In databases like SQLServer you have access to other databases within this hierarchical fashion, this will work for SQLite.

I believe you are able to initiate a clear case of sqlite using more than 1 databases !