I'm focusing on a course that needs me to input values for 12 objects, each with 4 arrays, each with 100 values. (4800) values. Some arrays represent possible final results according to 2 boolean values... i.e. YY, YN, NN, NY and also the 100 values towards the array are what I wish to extract according to another put variable.

I formerly have possible final results inside a csv file, and also have imported these into sqlite where I'm able to query then for that value using sql. However, It's been recommended in my experience that sqlite database isn't what you want, and rather I ought to populate using arrays hardcoded.

Which may be superior throughout run some time and for memory management?

Should you only have to query the information (no update/remove/place), I will not suggset to make use of sqlite. I believe the hardcode version beat sqlite in run some time and memory efficiency.

Probably sqlite will be less capable then hardcoded variables, but sqlite would offer other advantages in the future, potentially making upkeep of the code simpler. I'd believe that it might be difficult, for the quantity of data that you're speaking about from really realizing a noticeable difference between 4800 values being saved within the code or just being saved inside a database.

sqlite would easily beat your CSV though so far as processing time, and memory management would depending a great deal how efficient a foreign language of preference handles .csv versus sqlite connectivity.

Often a database can be used when you wish to deal with many data (or potentially you can handle many data), and you'll need a faster method to search area of the data.
If you're simply need to save couple of values, then you definitely most likely have no need for a database engine.