Thank you for making android an excellent platform.

What's the smartest choice to save a properly formatted document(a document with images) on the device? I understand you can do this by saving to some XML file or on the database, but which of those two is easily the most more suitable.

Thanks ahead of time.


Usually using XML or SQL database are differents approches for differents needings. Typically a database option would be more efficent than XML.

But XML includes a tree structure that's simpler to map inside a object oriented language. I'll suggest you to employ XML for an additional reason:

  1. simpler to load data from xml for an object to your program
  2. Simpler to change your page structure (with sql with no ORM system maybe difficult)
  3. you're saving a "well formatted document" with images with a naturally XML representation
  4. You are well on a mobile phone and that i don't want something similar to at the same time accessibility same XML file or such things as that
  5. SQL would require setting up a database, XML are only a stand alone format