Using SQLServer :

I've got a table user :

  • id

  • name

  • email

You will find another tables (about 200 more tables), most of which use as foreign key on cascade delete.

So, I wish to discover - Which tables make use of this foreign key ( ?

I'm being able to access my sql-server with SQL Server Management Studio.

In SQL server management studio, you are able to right click your table within the object explorer, after which choose 'View Dependencies'. This can open a brand new window that you can easily see other objects (not only tables) that rely on your table, as well as on which your table is dependent.

If you have these understood to be foreign secrets then just examine the table design and check out the Associations dialog which will highlight everything that's defined for that table.

Alternatively you should use "View Dependencies".

Do this

    OBJECT_NAME(parent_object_id) as parent_object_name,
from sys.foreign_keys
where name = 'YourFKName'