After i use SSI directive can there be in whatever way to flee variable with HTML organizations?

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="10; URL="/index.shtml?r=<!--#echo var="HTTP_REFERER" -->">

Thx in advice!

See 'encoding' under 'The echo Element' within the mod_include paperwork at :

Identifies how Apache should scribe special figures included in the variable before outputting them. If set to none, no encoding is going to be done. If set to url, then URL encoding (also called %-encoding this really is right for used in Web addresses in links, etc.) is going to be carried out. At the beginning of an echo element, the default is placed to entity, leading to entity encoding (that is appropriate poor a block-level HTML element, e.g. a paragraph of text). This is often transformed with the addition of an encoding attribute, that will stay in effect before the next encoding attribute is experienced or even the element finishes, whichever comes first.

The encoding attribute must precede the related var attribute to work, and just special figures as defined within the ISO-8859-1 character encoding is going to be encoded. This encoding process might not have the preferred result if your different character encoding is being used.