I'm using SSIS to create a number of complicated data exports, and I have hit a roadblock. I have populated a package variable having a recordset. Let me make use of a foreach loop to iterate through each row within the recordset. Let me update among the posts in every row according to some information which I have done in the script task.

Is possible? I understand in C# the foreach collection is immutable, but I'm not sure if SSIS works exactly the same way.

Regrettably, I've not found worthwhile good examples of utilizing the for loop construct rather, which can be a possible solution.

Whenever you put data right into a recordset it's saved within an object variable. You should use the Foreach Loop Container - and loop the item variable. After this you create some variables to carry each column for that row - and also you then possess a row-by-row capability to do anything you please, whether it's a data flow task, sql statement, script task (c#) or other things.

See http://www.sqlis.com/post/Shredding-a-Recordset.aspx to have an highlighted illustration of how to get this done and send an e-mail for each row.