I've got a SSIS package (exports some database tables --> CSV file) After development of this package, I'm able to run the package from Visual Studio or simply by clicking it.

However it fails basically increase execute this package like a SQL Agent Job scheduled at some arbitrary duration of each day.

Pointers needed if i must configure anything associated with Permissions/Command line args ??

Thanks ahead of time

You do not give particulars from the error message received once the package operates through the Agent, but you have to look into the privileges from the Home windows account to which the SQL Server Representative is running.

If all of the package does is export database tables to text files you have to make sure that the service account has privileges to:

  1. connect with the database and run choose claims around the source tables (if you work with Home windows Authentication to manage the database connection).
  2. Create files within the target location(s) within the file system.

The home windows account to which my SQL Server Agent runs goes to sysadmin Even the same user has admin rights during my system to gain access to the folders while conveying towards the csv file.

The mistake message within the Job history :

Performed as user: MymachineNameJOBUSER. The package execution unsuccessful. The step unsuccessful.

Within the step i've the SSIS Package incorporated, with correct datasource connections, Run as : SQL Agent Service Account (this is run under MymachineNameJOBUSER user)