Among the finest to make certain i'm carrying this out properly.

Derived columns:


Lookup (after derived column:)

1.Query: select * from where A = ? and B = ?.  

2.In column mapping/or advanced parameters I map car to A and truck to B. 

Correct? I request this because I keep getting an OLE error.

While I am waiting to listen to back around the error message, my assumption here is that you're while using lookup component improperly. Your query syntax presumes you will see a question performed for each row flowing with the component.

How a research component works together with default configuration is the fact that throughout the pre-execute event, the totally run from the target database and all the outcomes are drawn back. And that's why like a general best practice, you need to only withdraw the posts you'll need. The query answers are then cached in your area and utilized in the research task like a dictionary-style research.

These screens change between 2005 and 2008 however, you can decipher it.

Choose cache mode enter image description here

Define connection as well as your source query. enter image description here

Wire up posts. This is the way it'll find matches rather than the parameterization method you had been trying. Within this example, I'm hooking up truck and vehicle to some and B and locating the foo column enter image description here