Hi ALL Apach2traid+ssl+cetificate:
I'm attempting to make a safe and secure web site for payment
which web site is perfect for study purpose
and so i believed that i might have a trial veriSign certificate
so after acquiring the certificate what must i do
and get it done work should i be using this site only as localhost
finally i had been told to mke an online server to really make it run i attempted the flowing

<VirtualHost localhost>
SSLCertificateFile C:\apache2triad\opssl\cert\my.cer  
SSLCertificateKeyFile C:\apache2triad\opssl\cert\server.key
SSLCACertificateFile C:\apache2triad\opssl\cert\intermediate.crt

it was within the httpd.conf
and then the apache with ssl worker ok
however when i call a webpage with https
it didnt run
must i have factor else as opposed to just put https

take some help and discussion please thanks

https connects on the different port number, 443, normal http request arrived at port 80.

<virtualHost localhost:443>

and you will should also make certain apache is listening on port 443, elsewhere inside your httpd.conf


bets of luck!

You skipped (within the virtualhost):

SSLEngine on

As Fire Crow recommended, you'll should also run it on 443. Although you could run HTTPS on port 80, it would be an unusual factor indeed.