I have got an internet application and today I have learned to implement SSL for your. I have never done that before, however i appear to possess understood from online paperwork regarding how to do this.

But, my application has two sides: the interface that is fine under SSL and also the second side is I've some files that require to bypass the certificate. These files are utilized by remote machines and share exactly the same libraries of some interface files.

I have handled the bypass using symbolic links for that shared libraries but I am unsure if this sounds like the best way to get it done. I am talking about, basically avoid using symbolic links towards the shared libraries I can not begin using these scripts.

Thanks ahead of time for just about any light!

Would you mean you're calling the webpages from another machine but you need to bypass the cert? You are able to usually use curl with this: curl --no-check-certificate

Or else you can most likely just call individuals files with no 's' within the plan (https / http) and become fine.