I've an Apache+Passenger combo server reverse proxying to some Passenger stand alone server and is effective for that rails application. (I'm carrying this out since the Ruby for that application differs towards the Ruby for that Passenger module). However you will find a few places within the application where I have to serve a php processed page. Whenever I attempt to achieve that all I recieve may be the choice to open the php file or save it to disk. i.e. Passenger stand alone does not appear to understand how to process the php.

Basically take away the reverse proxy then Apache+Passenger (module) process the php page correctly and offer the output properly.

My questions are:

  1. Shall We Be Held asking an excessive amount of Passenger stand alone?

  2. Should Passenger stand alone have the ability to process php files? I've re-began Passenger stand alone after setting up php5.3 on my small ubuntu server.

All help gratefully received.