I am presently creating a little application insInternet and previously I have used MSAccess as stand alone database will be able to ship using the program. But I'm wondering if within this era there wasn't alternative solutions, as simple to integrate inside a .Internet application., as transparent for that user and perhaps better performance with great deal of data?


Your choices are:

SQL CE and Firebird are much faster when you really need multithreaded creates, sqlite rules for single threaded access, or multithreaded reads. VistaDb is 100% handled to help you ship it on embedded products.

These DBs generally provides you with better reliability and gratifaction to gain access to. I'd highly recommend against using these dbs on the network share.

SQLite! This is just what it had been designed for.



Yes. I would suggest System.Data.SQLite, the industry ADO.Internet wrapper around SQLite, a well known embedded database designed in C.

SQLite seems to fit your needs -- see here for additional.

VistaDb is yet another one

There's always SQL Server CE... but I've discovered SQLite to become much simpler to utilize, particularly with System.Data.Sqlite

Try C#-SQLite - a completely independent reimplementation from the SQLite:


Converted from C to C#. Pure handled code. No mixed-mode netmodule.