I'm beginning the entire process of assembling a design document for my companies database. I'm trying for many formal standards when i can. Does anybody know "It is possible to standards document (like IEEE 1016 1998 IEEE Suggested Practice for Software Design Explanations) for databases"? WIKI discusses a Database Design Document, however i can't appear to locate any "good" good examples of the items a database design document will include.

You will find a couple of other questions about Stack Overflow which are near to this, although not precisely what I'm after. I've been poking around web cannot find the best response to the question either. Does anybody are conscious of this type of standard or would I be best just adapting IEEE 1016 1998 to satisfy me?

I grappled with this particular same issue a few years back. I turned to presenting Joe Celko's excellent book SQL Programming Style that helped me to come up with our company's database standards document.