Can someone please show me the way you would produce a star schema beginning with 2 tables, for instance students table with StudentID, Address, City, Condition, Zip and sophistication table with description, credits, costs and date?

I realize that you simply go ahead and take primary secrets from each table and set them like a foreign type in the details table, but it is possible to way with an actual star with 5 tables, beginning with 2 tables?

Basically added a table known as Professor would that be described as a dimension table or would the date table be considered a dimension table?

Simply to be obvious: A Star schema can include a variety of dimension tables (points from the star). It does not need to be 5.

The details table signifies the connection or transaction that (while you stated) hold foreign secrets to the many other tables. Within this situation, your details table could be something similar to "classesTaken", "classSection" or "enrollment". You might add tables for "Professor" (because each demonstration of a category will require a professor) and/or perhaps a "Date" table (stabilized out of your Class table) to provide enrollment dates.

That will provide you with a fact table with 4 "points" of the star. Should you be really bent on getting a schema that was similar to a 5-pointed star, I am sure you can think about another dimension table to include. Hope that can help.