I just read this:

"I can not make use of this until I'm able to serve my root domain without redirection to "world wide web". Can Amazon . com designate an Ip (or group of IP addresses) for S3 will be able to point my root An archive to?"

Could it be still correct that I have to possess a domain host just like a proxy to S3 and setup CNAME to suggest a subdomain to S3 bucket? And there's no better way?

You will find no possible ways, only most pricey ways.

You are able to setup an EC2 image having a proxy, and permit the proxy to gain access to S3 in your account, while being able to access the rest of your internet site elsewhere. Since scalability is really a concern of yours, you'll should also make use of the automatic scaling tools for EC2 as use of your proxy develops.

Or, just re-architect the application to make use of the CNAME-based method for all content situated in S3.