I'm searching for a pleasant way to develop a nested site structure in ruby. I would like something will be able to offer clients rather than msword documents. Something from the form:


using the .txt files being markdown, or whatever.

I really wish to import this right into a content management systems system, and would like to hook into whichever static-site generator will be able to use.

Otherwise I is going to do it myself, but it might be nice to make use of another thing for integration with html preprocessors etc.

Have a look at Jekyll

there's also middleman for producing static sites

What about either of

Pagegen uses dirs and files to handle content hierachy, http://pagegen.phnd.net

While it isn't Ruby, DocPad is totally new static site generator constructed with Node.js and CoffeeScript with the ability to support leading edge markups like coffeescript, coffeekup, jade and stylus together with the typical markdown and haml support amongst others.

But, because it is a node.js project, you are able to extend the server to aid dynamic pages/actions for example delivering emails, posting forms, search, etc. Pretty great.