I acquired a functional Apache HTTP web server on my small computer so a buddy (and just him, nobody else) that has no computer in your own home might get my files directly, as from an website, from an online café.

Used to do some speed tests on my small computer both at home and on my small computer at place of work and discovered that, in the two cases, I recieve almost full bandwidth (~7MB/s) when utilizing protocol file encryption techniques in certain P2P softwares (Bit-torrent, eMule). This leads me to think this is going on since the information is hidden using their ISPs.

Well, in the same moment, when installing from the web server in your own home to my work, it is going sluggish as hell (~90KB/s)...

It is possible to protocol file encryption method such as the one in P2P to avoid my Apache web server from being slowed down lower through the Web service provider? Or at best some alternate means to fix achieve better speed in cases like this? Attempted HTTPS however it appeared not to work.

Download != upload. Your upload in your own home will in all probability be 1 Mbit (have you got an ADSL connection?), that will come lower to ~ 90 KB/s.

But this does not belong on SO. :-)