I authored a module that's determined by some 3rd party device (load, parse &lifier display). It sometimes takes 5 seconds for this to reply and so i attempted to ajaxify this part.

My Joomla! module is prepared in addition to code with AJAX (mootools) however i can't determine the Hyperlink to access my module php file "implanted" by Joomla! (something similar to /index.php?option=com_content). I'm able to hardcode and can get on (/modules/mod_a/abc.php) however i will encounter "immediate access not permitted" that is little difficulty, however i not have the Joomla! context that we virtually miss.

All I discovered utilizes components that we would greatly prefer to avoid.

Thank you for suggestions,



You can't use of your module by url. The only method to create quite simple component with one model and something view for this function. Or you might add one task to 1 the constituents set up in your website.

Used to do write the easiest component I possibly could (no MVC):

defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access');
$task = JRequest::getWord('task');
if ($task == "getCurrentTemp") {
 // return temperature

This is often printed (heredoc) to JS by JURI::current()."index.php?option=com_xzy&task=getCurrentTemp". The inability to access module sucks a bit however i realize that from architectural perspective.