I'm utilizing a wordpress theme which has a specific layout feature for that blog template anytime "category" can be used.

Your blog template shows the date inside a ribbon graphic and there's additional control to switch it on or off with an additional "epanel" in wordpress.

I've 2 groups (Blog and Services). I must take away the DATE feature from being display only within the "Services" category.

It's added such as this :

<?php if ( get_option('sky_postinfo1') ) { ?>
                <div class="post-date">

sky_postinfo2 means that's off.

Each page comes with an H1 that echos the page title such as this:

<h1 id="page-title"><?php echo esc_html( $et_page_title ); ?></h1>

It is possible to method to write the best to get rid of this just for the "Services" page?

Something similar to :


 if { 
 ( $et_page_title = ('Services') get_option('sky_postinfo1');
 } else get_option('sky_postinfo2');


I am certain I absolutely butchered the final part, however i am searching for direction if at all possible. Any help greatly appreciated. Does it by doing this practical or shall we be held method of base?

mhhhh, presuming the $et_page_title variable has this value in this article...

<?php if ( get_option('sky_postinfo1') && $et_page_title != 'Services') { ?>
                <div class="post-date">