I am writing some code on the mobile device that utilizes a Relaxation plan to retrieve data from the host. That Relaxation services has been proxied by Apache. In test mode I must have the ability to simulate network black outs (as though the unit has lost it's cell connection) to check the programs handling of intermittent failures. I should also validate it's behavior with slow network connections.

I am presently using Traffic Shaper XP to slow the network connection, however I want something to create the Apache server send connection starts over both at random as well as on predefined sequences (to create and repeat specific test situations).

Write just a little proxy that forwards TCP connections out of your application towards the apache server which you are able to placed in your test to chop the bond after x quantity of bytes or milliseconds.

It appears like dummynet may be the nearest factor, but nonetheless not quiet there. For repeatable testing it might be good to possess control button over dropped packets and starts over.


Is a Unix or Linux atmosphere? nice up allow it lower priority then operate a high CPU usage task like hearing music, playing a film, calculating pi, etc. The reduced priority for Apache should lead to further problems much like what you are searching for.

On the different (or on a single) computer make use of the commandline tool ab to obtain some strain on the apache. More informations here.