I have been transforming some .internet "Internet Sites" to "Web Programs". It has been going along easily. Among the steps which i perform every time I perform a conversion is I visit the web portion of the project qualities and hang the virtual directory.

To date, I have setup

Finally, I have received the job of carrying out an internet site -> Web Application conversion on the internet site that resides around the root directory in our servers. However, basically specify http://localhost/ because the virtual directory in Visual Studio, it leads to a mistake. How do you start transforming the main how do people an internet application project in Visual Studio?

To create your root directory get into IIS and right click on the "Default SiteInch visit qualities --> "Home Directory" and hang "Local Path" towards the directory of the root website. Then if you type http://localhost/ it'll indicate this website.
I am unsure about how exactly this can effect your other sites though.

Tell me if the works.

This feels as though a KLUDGE, but I have found a method to do things i want.

First, open the net configurations tab from the project qualities in Visual Studio. Set the virtual directory to http://localhost/someDirectory. You can't place it to http://localhost/ at this time being an error will result. Construct your how do people your directory (on disk) where you need to host it from.

Next, open the .proj file in notepad and discover http://localhost/someDirectory change it out to http://localhost.

Now, use for your IIS configurations and alter the house directory of the how do people your directory where the site is made around the disk.

Finally, open the project in Visual Studio again. Visit the web configurations tab from the project qualities and find out that it's set to make use of the virtual directory http://localhost/.