I am battling to make use of custom publish template in thesis. I must use different designs for various posts. You will find many lessons for implementing custom page template however i aren't able to find ones for posts. I am a new comer to Thesis and so i most likely miss something but when someone understands how to or tutorial that mentions about this, please tell me. Thanks ahead of time!

One method to do that (that is the opposite of the thesis custom_functions.php file, regrettably) is by using this wordpress plugin:


Then, produce a page known as, say, news.php and set this code inside

Template Name Posts: News

Your custom code goes here

Then, when you upload this for your thesis folder, it will display in the publish-template dropdown.


Answer #one in this publish might supply you with a method to style posts in Thesis or elsewhere, as lengthy as you are using Wordpress 2.8+: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/10/20/10-useful-wordpress-hacks-for-advanced-themes/