I presently develop Drupal internet sites having its multi-site feature that enables me to possess a single code base and support multiple distinct configurations per each site.

I setup a dev server and that i was pleased with my arrangement of domain names like example.com.local (not too happy because I needed to execute a small conversion before entering production, but nonetheless quite happy) and the one thing used to be effective. Bad I lately began to work on places outdoors the LAN by which my dev server resides--mostly at clients' places where I have to demo their sites. To begin with I setup a dyndns.org account and also the server is obtainable with the Internet.

Regrettably the entire domain-based multi-site ungracefully fell lower, since I am now being able to access the server via myservername.dyndns.org and Drupal's formula takes the domain title into consideration, so I am instructed to use a minimum of the TLD included in the directory title (namely sites/local.example.com). And So I made the decision to change to directory-based multi-site, and today I am in a position to access my server from the LAN using myservername.local/example.com (getting re-named the websitesOr subdirectories accordingly). You need to easily understand why this really is suboptimal, for how long I browse to myservername.dyndns.org/example.com Drupal searches for sites/org.example.com. I temporarily wound up creating a link from sites/org.example.com to sites/local.example.com however, this doesn't scale well Assuming I'm going to drop dyndns.org for, say, dev.mycorporatesite.com...

Can there be every other possibility? I've full use of the server, I'm able to change Apache2's configs, .htaccess and everything.

I would suggest against referencing drupal multisites in folders but rather would setup your server to possess a fixed domain title and every site inside a subdomain.

So that your dev server reaches mydevserver.com

after which each site might be

client1.mydevserver.com client2.mydevserver.com


Should you also simultaneously as creating these, you progress the files folder in the default to regardless of the live site is going to be i.e.


Then if you need to go live, all of the references is going to be correct (if you're drupal 7 this is probably not an problem)