WordPress requires you allow each blog publish a minimum of two fields: a title and text body content.

I am wondering how you can modify WordPress admin in order to sometimes enter just one area for any blog publish, particularly a URL, without WordPress needing a title (related although not the purpose of this: a custom theme would then understand how to handle a publish that only contained a URL, it might address it just like a "Link" publish in Tumblr). Ideally it would be good when the "add/edit publish" form might be modified therefore it only consists of this single URL/Link area if this is wanted.

I am speculating you could do via a wordpress plugin but I am not sure. I am wishing some wise WordPress devs are here to talk about and brainstorm suggestions for how this may be done.

Thanks ahead of time for just about any help,


You could utilize the display-a part of my other answer but, rather than looping only posts, look for 'links' (builtin Wordpress feature) too. They are simple to manage and you will have numerous teams of links, that could be utilized like groups for the regular posts.

The GUI wouldn't handle posts well, for instance within the 'post overview' table, which really would want a title.

You could utilize Wordpress as always and search for a particular worth of a "custom area". Whenever your posts includes a certain tag (url, for instance, or sykes-theme-url if you want to namespace it), you do not render the publish like a usual publish however, you print the url together/with no description.

By doing this you can simply skip printing the post's title for instance (similar to Tumblr), and rather just publish the Hyperlink to that-other-place.

See Custom Field-article at Smashing Magazine