I've got a website , set up in it wordpress blog , there's a menu within the header with pages within the blog which i made ,,, anyway let's say i desired to fully change in which the user go as he clicks that page (food selection) ?? permalink only permit you to edit the relaxation from the link not the entire link !!

You may either make use of the function wp_safe_redirect() or else you simply employ some rewrites inside your .htaccess with perform considerably faster because they do not have "to load" wordpress.

Even when the rewrites within the .htaccess would match a permalink they are utilized with the addition of the [L] flag, e.g.:

RewriteRule wordpress/pagename$ some_other_page.php [L]

The [L] flag (last) stop apache searching in the outher rules.

i simply found the solution. Appearance=> menus => make new custom menu ... the theme should support custom menus though as well as in the configurations from the theme i discovered (Check if you'd like to make use of Custom Navigation Menus in WordPress 3..)

On the more generic note (without having a custom menu), what I'd most likely do is to produce a custom page template for that pages that I wish to redirect elsewhere, most likely using Wordpress custom fields to specify what URL exactly.

Like Kau-Boy implied above, this really is a little reduced because Wordpress needs to load --- but when you have "pages" that has to change regularly, this can be easier and familiar than .htaccess mods.