I develop using MAMP professional on my small Mac. After I start MAMP it prompts me for any password basically use port 80. Basically make use of a greater port it does not prompt me, but I must append the main harbour number within the URL ( eg dev.local:8888 ). Does anybody understand how to allow it to be not prompt for password when utilizing standard ports? Thanks.

Based on a full time income-e repetition they're thinking about adding a choice to keep the password within the keychain:


Update: I bothered Living-e support and also got these to add it as being an element request for their bug tracker. The hyperlink is here now: http://qa.living-e.p/tracker/view.php?id=3648 (requires registration) if you wish to abide by it.

Another update: Still after this problem. Appears like living-e moved their bug tracker, the brand new connect to this problem is:


It's in German however the Google translation is:

When will begin and prevent the server in each situation the admin password is needed if port can be used as low-1024th As we might get the password in the OS X Keychain / keyring, permitted themselves to prevent annoying popup advertisements.

I have come up with an application that enables you to definitely start/stop MAMP's Apache and MySQL with no password request, even on port 80. It stores the password in Keychain, which means you only have to come in once. It features a nice icon too!

Download: http://world wide web.46palermo.com/blog/run-mamp-without-password-easy-way/

Its a burglar problem, and MacOS using its UNIX heritage like security (=Positive Thing). This is exactly why MacOS requests passwords constantly. Very little that you can do about this so far as I understand.

I am now using both of these applescripts to beginOrquit MAMP, it can save you startup script is really a login item therefore it is always up after i boot. It will mean storing passwords in plain text, as Im the only person by using this machine I'm able to accept it, much better than typing during my password a minimum of three occasions each day.

1) Run MAMP on port > 1024

2) chmod -R a+withtmp