I am benefiting from Theme Switcher wordpress plugin to create this website handier. This is accomplished using the url parameter *"site.com/blog/templatepage?wptheme=theme_title"*

Issue is if your customer visits the website using a link to this parameter then when they revisit the website that theme will load, not the default.

So I wish to produce a menu with custom links which use the get_current_theme() function to append the present theme title towards the finish of links within the menu.

I've this in every template <?php $theme_name = get_current_theme(); ?>

So I wish to make a move such as this for that custom menu Web addresses

http://www.site.com/blog/templatepage?wptheme=<?php echo $theme_name ?>

Problem here's that each time I create/save the custom food selection it removes the brackets <,> How do you fix this? Maybe somebody includes a better idea that will allow me to handle theme management?