I've got a small question for you personally. How do i stop WordPress from altering the & symbol to &? I discovered the reply to stop formatiing the code with pharagraphs by remove_filter('the_content', 'wpautop') however for that one I can not think it is anywhere. Thanks!

Typically, I actually do the majority of my editing within the "HTML" tab view. I Quickly be aware of figures I enter won't be changed.

But you will find occasions I would like figures to become HTML-encoded. For instance, I would mention some computer code inside a publish. I would like the customers to determine individuals special figures, rather than the page interpretation my code example as HTML to become made. I Quickly visit the "Visual" tab to go in them.

In by doing this I've fast access to go in literal figures in order to ask them to HTML-encoded.

Should you prefer to prevent WordPress from ever encoding individuals figures, try a few of these plug ins. I've not attempted them, however they might help. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/raw-html/ http://wordpress.org/extend/plug ins/preserve-code-formatting/