I am searching for a method to store a really large image (e.g. 100.000x100.000 pixels) on the webserver. I have to have the ability to retrieve areas of that image and write parts in it. The cherry on the top will be a method of getting areas of that image, resized to some specific resolution (for instance, i would like alle pixels from , to 10.000,10.000 resized to 1000x1000 pixels).

Anybody know a type of DB, or perhaps a data-structure or other way or service or programm that may handle something of that nature?

thx, tuxedo

What about Tiles?

Much like what popular mapping application (Google Maps / Bing Maps ) does. Divide and pre-process your image directly into tiles for a number of dimensions (zoom levels). Display them on the web page with zero margin, zero border.

While locating, calculate positioning of tiles (which tiles ought to be retrieved as whole and which of them as partial) after which return as single image.

(image ack:

Look for "map servers": you will find a lot of them already available. I am sure they a minimum of contain components that could be of great interest for you personally.