How will you get the need for a <textarea> and store it inside a MySQL database table?

I am using TinyMCE

Since nobody has clarified your question I decided to nick in. Maybe you have handled to obtain any type data passed right into a database before (I.E could it be just being able to access a textarea this is the problem), or perhaps is mtss is a general question concerning how to put form data into databases?

One factor I'd highly recommend is leaving WYSIWYG style editors in case your seriously thinking about doing web design correctly. From experience regardless of how good they tell you they are you'll always encounter mix browser problems and sooner or later you will need to search in to the code and comprehend it.

Sorry this is not an immediate answer, however with a little more information regarding what you ought to know I am sure we are able to help... I warn you though, if you have not had much experience only at that a few of the solutions might be a little deep. I believe maybe for this reason you haven't had any reactions since the answer require may potentially be rather epic,lol.


The tinymce editor id equals the textarea id. Presuming that editor is the tinymce editor instance you can utilize the next to obtain the textareaa content (that is then comparable to the editor content).

editor.triggerSave(); // update the textarea
var textarea_element = document.getElementById(; // get the updated textarea
var content = textarea_element.innerHTML;  // this is the content

// now you need to call a script to save the content (i suggest you use ajax)