I've designed a joomla ingredient that I wish to placed on SVN. The issue is that Joomla components have odds and ends scattered everywhere. What's the easiest method to handle this with SVN thinking about I still wish to have the ability to version the applying, without including all of the core joomla code website code?


I wound up using symlinks in Window 7 like Linux has

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You could have the project just as you might say within the installer and link the sites and language files for their particular devote the Joomla hierarchy. This enables you to definitely have multiple Joomla version installed and taking advantage of just one repository your can test them out all! Is effective :)

This is the way I organise my component files inside my svn. Think that my component title is comname.









All of your front-end code ought to be in comname folder while all of your admin code ought to be in comname_admin. This is actually the standard means by which to layout a Joomla component structure.

After that you can tag your versions and them in repository/components/comname/tags/1. for instance.

Hope that can help. Cheers

Just one way of doing it might be to produce the required empty directory structure and put your custom files inside.

Your Joomla component ought to be largely self-contained. In some instances you might have a library but the only real individuals who should creating libraries are for those who have multiple components, plug ins, and modules that require to talk about code.

Version the com_mycomponent folder - all you need ought to be that folder. For those who have files scattered all around the file system plus there is an issue with your component design.

EDIT - Also, I have found its simpler to version the whole Joomla installation. As the amount of extensions you've written rises, this reduces the amount of folders you have to search lower and click on "commit"/"update". Version your whole site, which method for you to just commit the whole factor in go.