I've got a data storage requirement where the items has several fields and every area could have several value (strings). And I have to operate a Search query where item(s) is going to be selected according to a number of from the area values. here's structure things i need :

Name:     (this will be the name of an item)
Season:   (name of the season)
Taste:    (1 taste or several)
Funktion: (1 or several option)
Weight:   (1 or several)
Volume:   (1 volume or several)
Tips:     (for comments)
Flavor combinations: (1 or several)
Matching flavors: (several)

Please any suggestions regarding both database design search queries for MySql.

The conventional design for multi valued characteristics is really a many-to-many table - this could normally contain a substance primary key composed of two foreign secrets Body for each one of the join tables.

The query on these would involve this many-to-many table.