I've got a domain object in Grails that must store some key/value pairs for every instance. There will not be more then about 10 pairs. The customers from the application need to have the ability to edit these key/value pairs. At this time I am searching at storing the information inside a HashMap for every demonstration of the domain class. As I think this works this means I will need to write a reasonable quantity of custom code for editing, upgrading, and showing these objects rather than while using code produced with grails generate-all. It is possible to better method to store and edit the important thingOrworth pairs or must i just stick to HashMap?

let's say you patterned each key/value pair as top class objects? e.g. :

class MyKeyValue {
   static mapping={
      id generator:'assigned'
   String id
   String value //i guess this could be an object of some sort, as long as it is a valid property (like Date)

   def getKey = {
      return id;

class User {
    //...other properties
    //you'd put this property where the hashmap was originally.
    List MyKeyValue   

The generate-all command can create an extremely plain UI with this, nevertheless its functional, and it is a beginning point for personalization. You can then write your personal constraints, and leverage the GORM's built-in validation etc.

However, its a little hacky imo - and also the performance will not do well, but when you simply possess a couple of, i dont think thats gonna matter.