are we able to store binary data to apache cassandra?

i am considering storing image to apache cassandra

"Cassandra's public API is dependant on Thrift, that provides no streaming capabilities -- any value written or fetched needs to easily fit in memory. This really is natural to Thrift's design and it is therefore unlikely to alter. So adding large object support to Cassandra would want a unique API that by hand split the big objects up into pieces. A possible approach is referred to in Like a workaround meanwhile, you are able to by hand split files into portions of whatever size you're confident with -- a minumum of one individual is using 64MB -- and creating a file match a row, using the portions as column values. "

From: CassandraLimitations

it is dependent around the size, cassandra isn't appropriate for big binary objects, it may store as much as 2gb by each column splitted into 1 megabytes. you are able to keep files in filesystem (or perhaps a cdn for web) and keep links and perhaps with previews to cassandra, or have a look at mongodb+gridfs.