so I am planning to possess a PHP site having the ability to perform java application using professional()....

my real question is, where must i keep actual jar apply for the java application, must i place them within the folders in Apache's www, or must i insert them in an outdoors folder that's inaccessible by apache

will it even matter? I am worried about the safety implications of those options....

Sounds rather painful... you would be firing up a JVM for each hit around the page. Not really thinking about the safety issues, think about the load this will probably be you should get some system.

You'd most likely be best utilizing a proper Java server like Tomcat.

So far as where you can place it, that's mostly irrelevant. PHP's professional() functions work on the file system level, and could not care less regarding your http document root and whatnot. As lengthy as is available got the permissions and pathways set correctly, it may be anywhere in your machine.

If you use Java using professional from php you take it with respect to Apache user. So IMHO ezinearticles could be available to Apache. However (as pointed by dog in comment), it shouldn't maintain Apaches DocumentRoot or even the .jar file mustn't be around by HTTP.

IMHO better architecture can contain another Java server (lightweight Jetty or Tomcat) subjecting web service (restfull or cleaning soap). Your website should refer to this as web service on Java server. One other way is putting queue manager beetween them (or just create queue in database). You will find large amount of better solutions.