Um, I focusing on a dictionary application and presently attempting to add narration for every article. I've about 97000 AAC-files. They're small - about 3-5 kilobytes each, but you will find lots of them! I do not need SQL DB for access management because filenames are the same towards the primary secrets, so because of the key I'll have the ability to choose a proper seem file from disk and listen to it (I expect so).

The one thing I be worried about are the process of large numbers of files. I do not actually want to screw up with CoreData.

Maybe there is any problems basically just add each one of these files towards the application bundle? Will Xcode be angry at me? Will iOS be Comfortable with that?

Otherwise what must i use then? How to deal with huge (~100'000) quantity of files correctly?

There's no restriction on the amount of files that may be put into the application bundle.

It might be much better if you're able to place the files on the folder(say audio) within the application bundle.