Can there be any help to storing content alphabetic in posts? Maybe make searches faster? If so when i add new research values to my tables should i rebuild the PK for that looup values to suit within the new text? Say a table such as this:

city_id: example: 1120
City_title: example: New You are able to.

If I have to add Chicago into it, will i add it at the end from the list using the next ID which might be 2000 or will i inset it following the city in alphabetic order which may mean I have to update the PK Id of following IDs by 1.

Only benefit I understand about happens when I must by hand add research values without quering the database I'm able to rapidly look into the research value list for exiting products effortlessly. Although not confident that it might make searches faster or something like that when the system knows the written text is within aplhabetic order.

No, I see no value inside it. Better to utilize a proper primary key and add a catalog towards the column. Those who have spent years writing relational databases understand how to optimize access much better than you need to do.

I'd result in the PK column auto increment, departing the upgrading towards the database. I'd add a catalog towards the city title column so that you can search by title as rapidly as you possibly can.

You are supposing that you simply understand something concerning the physical storage from the database. At best, your time and efforts may have no effect at worst, you'll ruin the short access that the correctly indexed b-tree will already provide you with.