I've lately began a little Joomla project focusing on a website that contains mainly review articles. The articles all consume a much the same structure (subheadings, subtables etc) and ideally I must have the ability to reuse sections in the articles diversely (eg like a full article, or perhaps in a large comparison table). Transpire ended up being to minimalise duplication, making changes straightforward and also the project generally scalable.

I hunted for Joomla 1.7 extensions that will assist me to with this particular, but with little success. You will find plenty of article templaters available, but when i comprehend it when the article is written there you have it - if you wish to change among the subheadings you need to undergo all of the existing articles and alter them by hand also there's not a way of splitting the articles up. I attempted to understand a little concerning the Joomla 1.7 platform classes however i found the documentation very unhelpful (I had been searching here, if anybody knows of good quality assets with this I'd be very interested!). Ultimately I made the decision to choose things i know (a little): Java.

My strategy was the following:

  • Split each article up into sections
  • In addition have a single article for every section heading
  • The particular article that created the finished, user-facing article is simply a number of tags (where 'x' may be the article id), while using excellent include content item plugin, getting together all of the section headers and corresponding articles.
  • Many of these were directly submitted towards the 'myprefix_content' table within the MySQL database. I additionally produced a brand new category within the 'myprefix_categories' table to carry all of the article fragments, along with a food selection within the 'myprefix_menu' table. (When uploading articles parents category is specified this really is accustomed to complete the appropriate fields.

This tactic originates agonisingly near to working, but is creating some strange behavior:

  1. Typically, when first submitted, the drop-lower food selection can look properly. The content will even appear properly inside a category-blog layout of their parent category. However, clicking right through to the article, either in the category-blog or even the food selection, can give a 404.
  2. This problem has a tendency to like magic resolve itself I've discovered that opening the recently produced menu-item and category objects within the Joomla Administrator and saving them (without coming to a changes) frequently works. It sometimes does not, which is frequently unclear why the page all of a sudden began showing.
  3. A page is going to be ready to go, simply to revert towards the condition referred to in 1) (many of the frightening/frustrating!)
  4. Sometimes (although not always) the road to which the content is displayed (or perhaps is tried to be displayed) changes (this might be happening following the actions drawn in 2)).
  5. While all of the groups and menu products properly identify their parents (and also the front-end, when its working, looks fine), around the back-finish pages that list them they're all jumbled up (ie not arranged in parent-child hierarchies).
  6. Clearing Joomla's cache appears to possess no effect. I've attempted it using the built-in function along with a special-purpose wordpress plugin, and absolutely nothing changes.

Maybe you will find some fields within the database tables I'm not completing? (I've generally completed all posts except produced/modified/checked-in timestamps and customers, and also the 'lft' and 'rgt' posts within the menu and groups tables because I could not exercise the things they symbolized). Maybe Joomla does some stuff on the top from the database, so by skipping it I'm requesting trouble.

I appreciate that this can be a very specific and bizarre problem, but any help could be greatly appreciated - even when it's mentioning that what I am attempting to do is naturally foolish!

Thanks, Tom