I am (again) coding an ordinary wordpress-theme. However, I can not add the reply-connect to comments. I have carried this out many occasions before and so far as I'm able to recall, I've not had this problem yet. I am placing the function within the comment_template, precisely where it normally needs to be. It is also within the loop, and so i am drained of ideas. I have attempted choosing the core of Wordpress but did not find something that could avoid the link from being proven (for example if-claims, that may return false).

I've if(is_singular()) wp_enqueue_script('comment-reply'); before wp_head().

I am simply using comment_reply_link() but I have also attempted get_comment_reply_link(). Nested surveys are also switched on in the admin-interface.

Help could be really appreciated. There has to be some small place I have skipped on my small code. If a person has already established this problem and solved it, I'd be happy to listen to some stuff I must take a look at.

Thanks, Martti Laine