I am getting an unusual problem here. I am moving a (working) site to a different apache server that I do not have immediate access (I must undergo a couple to obtain stuff done).

The website utilizes a perl script known as adframe to parse html templates. The Web addresses that it's known as seem like /cgi-bin/adframe/index.html?x=something with adframe being the script. The missing suffix never triggered any real problems. But about this new Ubuntu server $ENV{'QUERY_STRING'} is definitely empty. $ENV{'REQUEST_METHOD'} turns up properly as GET, however the query_string shows nothing ...

Regular *.cgi scripts show the query_string without problems.

In the logs I collected the server appears to become running fastcgi, mod_fcgid and also the server does not even accept .pl being an extension for scripts. I do not obtain that much knowledge about server software, however i figured it may be an issue with the server not accepting adframe like a cgi script and therefore not passing the query_string properly ... Can anybody produce a couple of hints to where I possibly could point the administrator or possibly something I possibly could do inshtaccess myself? Anyway to make certain, adframe is known as a cgi script!? (if that is the issue ...)

Any assistance is appreciated! thomas

EDIT: I discovered more particulars: The server appears to become managing a VARNISH cache ... thats's the primary impact on my usual designs ... Also, how a script works is, should you call /cgi-bin/adframe/somedir/somefile.html?x=something, $ENV informs which template to parse and $ENV is, well, the query string. The query string is empty, but when I call /cgi-bin/adframe?x=something (with no PATH_INFO), the query string turns up! Does anybody know what's happening here? thanks!

First got it. The VARNISH cache strips all of the query strings off static content (*.html etc) ... phew

Can there be anything in $ENV?