A buddyOrneighbors produces some stunning quilts. Seriously they are absolutely gorgeous, and I am not really a quilt guy. What guy is? Anyho...

I produced a WordPress based site on her. She's not technically proficient, but is capable of doing some fundamental stuff using WordPress, e.g. change styles and make blog records. However, WordPress is much more of the blogging Content management systems than an eCommerce platform, no?

Here are the fundamental needs:

  1. Simple to use. I'm able to provide some technical assistance and training. But she must have the ability to manage the website herself.

  2. Enables her to publish pictures and enormous photos of her quilts and supply text explanations - fundamental content management stuff.

  3. Enables her to classify her items - quilts, embroidery, custom stuff.

  4. Enables the consumer to buy a product. Volume would simply be a couple of products per month.

Wordpress easily handles the very first three products. But how about #4? Does Wordpress possess a payment wordpress plugin? Can you recommend integrating with paypal obligations? Another payment gateway possibly?

We considered hosting her stuff on etsy.com, but she likes getting her very own domain plus some treatments for the appearance 'n' feel. She did not cash luck posting her stuff on eBay. Her products are costly, hand crafted products that are not appreciated within the sheer scale of eBay.

Simplest solution is by using PayPal Buy now buttons https://www.paypal.com/pdn-item

Or, google buy now buttons: http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/developer/Google_Checkout_Buy_Now_Button_How_To.html

Don't build a whole e-commerce site on her ... very time intensive and can need support.

You can consider http://www.oscommerce.com/

You will need to find hosting along with a payment gateway though (Paypal is fairly simple to setup). Really the only bad thing is web site system. It may be a little of the discomfort to obtain everything searching just like you would like it.

Hey, I believe the Verb may well be a good solution that you should take a look at too. It is a good system for more compact sites, and meets all of your criteria.

Use wordpress by having an ecommerce pluging wordpress.com

Wordpress It’s quite simple to understand, includes a very extensive community and codex and I’ve never not really been able to perform an incentive. It’s not so difficult for any small blog, but effective enough for any large non-blog website. Clients can comprehend the admin area very rapidly. Bonus is the fact that it’s liberated to download and employ.

Try the Shopp wordpress plugin for WordPress: http://shopplugin.net/

I have tried on the extender on a few sites to market both digital downloads and physical goods and I have thought it was simple to use and fairly customisable -- it features a template system that you will be aware of if you have dabbled with Wordpress theme development.

I'd point her at Shopify.