I am creating a web application that must register domains programmatically.

What domain title registrars with API support match the following needs:

  • Supports .COM
  • Ideally cheap
  • Reliable, reliable and really should been so over a long time period

What API-supporting domain title registrars perhaps you have used? What exactly are your recommendations and why?

I have tried personally the API of TransIP. This is a Nederlander company that can take proper care of domainregistrations. There is a very extensive API, and it is quite simple to use. I made use of it with PHP, just download their files, include them and employ the Cleaning soap techniques to complete request. That you can do such things as check availability and registration, but additionally change DNS configurations and much more things like that.

Around the downside I am unsure the way they support worldwide clients, so far as I understand only they merely serve Nederlander clients (the website is within Nederlander only, so).. (Edit the documentation towards the API is within British basically remember properly)

Gandi.internet is an extremely good domain registrar, and I'll recommend it for many reasons:

  • serious registrar, well-known french company
  • documentation is obvious, designed in french and british
  • cheap (plus they do special deals every so often)
  • you are able to essentially do anything you want together with your domain names (wildcards, sub-domain names, TTL...)
  • you are able to edit your domain configuration in "easy mode" or "DNS geek mode" (edit your DNS files and revel in their versioning system)
  • their XML-RPC API rocks ! and well recorded.
  • this is actually the "no bullshit(tm)" company!

The only real condition, you need to be a merchant and obtain a prepaid account with 120€ onto it (minimum). There you have it.

You could attempt http://opensrs.com/ they've an API that they'll provide good examples in many languages. I have tried personally them for a long time.

In my opinion the most recent API are available here http://opensrs.com/integration/api

Have you got an objection to become a website merchant? Personally I have not used their service, however i often hear good stuff about eNom, their domain registration service includes a pretty solid API.

Naturally, they support .com domain names.

Dynadot.com is a superb registrar. Their API allows you check availability as high as 100 domains at any given time, and you will register and remove domain names with the API also. You must have an equilibrium to join up domain names.

http://world wide web.dynadot.com/domain/api.html

You have to be a bulk customer to gain access to the API, that involves an annual spend of $500 or even more. Adding $500 inside your Dynadot account provides you with access immediately towards the bulk prices. Bulk is $7.50 per .com domain and $5.99 per .internet domain.

http://world wide web.dynadot.com/company/prices_bulk.html

I have tried personally the API several occasions before for digging through available domain names which is reasonably fast.

I would recommend to make use of from Dynadot.com since it is cheap and supports .com

as well as TransIP.nl is a great alternative.

(I understand that someone introduced these types of services, however i desired to share my experience)

I am confident with Godaddy you are able to be a merchant after which at that time you handle everything through API and also you even get commission. Your best choice is always to give them a call and request them concerning the specifics.