When developing this site at http://filmblurb.org, I am getting challenge with my footer. For my footer, I am trying new things, I am carrying out a table that stretches towards the outer edges from the browser window, using the relaxation from the content (i.e. the posts, jquery slider, etc.) slimmer compared to width from the footer.

For my footer I've got a table inside a table, each of which contain one cell each. I would like the outer table to stretch to 100% from the browser window and I am thinking about by using this by placing some kind of background image. Before might for the reason that table, I am thinking about putting my footer content (i.e. sitemap, contact details, copyright information, etc.) within this cell, that will span 960 px. This width can also be comparable to the width from the relaxation of my content on my small website's webpage.

If a person can please assist me about this, I'd greatly be thankful. Appreciate your time and effort. (Whether it helps, I am using Wordpress 3.2.1.)

First factor you must do is put the div#footer in the proper position.

So, remove position:absolute; and height:1em;

Adding a float along with a width

#footer {
   float: left;
   width: 100%;

At this time your div#footer is within your div#wrap, that is keeping it centered and restricted from spanning the whole window width.

Take it out of the #wrap and put it under that div if you would like it to span the whole page.

Finally, don't use tables for non-tabular data. Use divs rather.

I'd advice explore to drift the footer left if one makes the width 100%. Take a look at that which you do.

Add this code for your css and each element is going to be centered until you individually float them right or left.