I understand that many individuals will think about this publish as irrelevant, company, I have read hundreds of posts stating that Wordpress is "only a blogging serviceInch. However, details speak on their own - people use Wordpress a great deal. Furthermore, large projects are now being developed using Wordpress because the underlying platform. Who does not accept is as true could look into the showcase. Even my team is promoting a few magazine websites filled with wealthy media and various content types.

The thing is: so what can we all do to create the expansion, and management process even simpler? Hopefully this publish will draw the interest of Professional wordpress customers and lots of plug ins, extensions, and methods is going to be published here. Please, don't hesitate to talk about your experience, for those who have done a task with Wordpress that's way to avoid it of their "blogging only" abilities.


You are right, Wordpress could be extended to complete anything. In the end it is simply a database with functions that put stuff in and take stuff out. Speaking from experience, I discovered the API is fairly robust and may accomplish anything you like to, however, it's most likely easier to spec something out and make it yourself utilizing a more agile framework like RoR.

Sometimes less is much more. It's amazing just how much you could achieve using simple concepts for example posts, pages, groups, tags, and custom fields. The one thing that I don't as with many content management frameworks and much more advanced CMSes is they frequently hinder development by putting an excessive amount of abstraction on the top of simple concepts such as these. With Wordpress I possibly could prototype a website in under each day, again because of simple templating options which, obviously could be extended when needed.

Nobody states that code ought to be written in some places without any structure whatsoever. The truth is that Wordpress API enables enough choices to add abstractions where and when needed.

I remain a obvious proponent of using Wordpress for bigger projects than initially intended. All that's necessary is a touch twist of attitude.

Obviously, Wordpress isn't without its disadvantages. Its most powerful side, the wordpress plugin community could turn to be its poorest one, unless of course measures are come to educate newbie wordpress plugin designers about good quality practices. I have labored with a few great plug ins that fail in users's eyes due to weak API and integration struggles. Nobody would worry about functionality when they cannot integrate the wordpress plugin whatsoever, right ?

Anybody discussing any one of this?

Two very good plpugins for stretching wordpress beyond blogging are flutter and coffee pods where you can do more with custom fields, in coffee pods situation a lot more.