I've a listing of product edition ghd serial numbers to keep in MongoDB, eg,

[{"name": "123 > Item A", "serial_number": "123.1"},
 {"name": "123 > Item B", "serial_number": "123.2"},
 {"name": "123 > Item C", "serial_number": "123.3"},
 {"name": "123 > Item D", "serial_number": "123.4"},
 {"name": "124 > Item A", "serial_number": "124.1"}]

Must I use floats for strings for that serial_number property?

Use strings. If you are using floats, chances are that you may have rounding errors. So you're going to get amounts like 123.30000001 rather than 123.3.

It's also possible you might have ghd serial numbers that aren't totally number or which begin with leading zeros. Serial number isn't something you need to ever do math with the it ought to be saved as string data much like postal codes and telephone numbers. They are identifier amounts, not amounts utilized in mathmatics and therefore they are really string data much like title is.

Really I rarely use float for anything because it is an inexact datatype and it is harmful to things for you to do information on and wht's the purpose of a several that you simply cant precisely do information on?

Yeah. I def would use strings. It's possible that you are serial number isn't representable like a float, therefore it would not be right.

For things that has to be accurate i.e. ghd serial numbers, money, etc. it's recommended that you simply never use floats.

Not unless of course you are Comfortable with your ghd serial numbers being unrepresentable in floating point.