I'm searching for the easiest method to strip single quotes because it keeps breaking my important.


The image’s emotiveness allows

only comes through as

The look

It breaks in the single quote ' .I want a great way to strip the tags can someone help.

I've checked out stripslashes()

What is the easiest way function to stripout , - £

any help please.

Handled To Repair IT>

Appreciate your help people i have the ability to repair it while using following function.

string utf8_scribe ( string $data )

Cant understand why it had been being released for the reason that format in the database all i'm able to think could it be 6 years of age website.


There's a number of ways, based on what's happening.

You could utilize addslashes to flee all single / double quotes. You are able to unescape it with stripslashes later.

If you're thinking about saving individuals data into MySQL database, you need to use mysql_real_escape_string.

If you wish to output data on HTML page, use htmlspecialchars to transform all special figures into HTML organizations.

The following way is by using str_replace to get rid of all quotes, as couple of others within this thread already pointed out.

It may sound like what you want would be to scribe the only quotes, not take them off. Around the assumption that you're placing in to the MySQL database, consider mysql_real_escape_string.

The easiest method to eliminate specific figures is applying str_replace.

To get rid of all single quotes from the string:

$noQuotes = str_replace("'", '', $stringWithQuotes);

Note: This can remnove all single quotes!

strreplace("'", "", $your_string);


$your_string = "The image’s emotiveness enables";
echo strreplace("'", "", $your_string);


The pictures emotiveness allows

if you wish to keep single quotes in string you should look at using real escape functions (suggested).

I am not 100% certain because PHP is not my forte, however i want to check out something similar to urlencode(). This can scribe all of the special figures correctly.