I'm not sure if my title made any since because I am unsure exactly what the terminology for which I am attempting to do is. Allow me to just explain my situation and find out if anybody can reveal to how to proceed next.

So I am focusing on an investigation grant and we have got a shared server with GoDaddy presently serving our domain(also handled by GoDaddy). We have a devoted server through GoDaddy that people are utilizing to complete heavy computations around the research aspect. What I have to do is tie a sub-domain (say research.ourdomain.org) towards the devoted server. I attempted sub domain-sending and Hiding (submitted to some Silverlight application) which works until someone attempts to request a webpage outdoors in our Silverlight application(after which it first hits the Silverlight application then would go to an empty page). I seem like I am pointed in the wrong direction with sub-domain sending and hiding. Is the an easy method to attain things i need?

Hopefully question wasn't too convoluted.


This can be done without sending and hiding. All that you should do is setup the server to host the subdomain. Then you will have to produce the An archive inside your DNS control and point it for your server IP. The hyperlink, http://x.co/ZmgJ, may have more information regarding how to create that record. If you want server assistance, http://x.co/ZmgM can display you the way to initiate live talk to our server conceirges.

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